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10 Tips on How to Love Expat Life

When I was 19 years old, I left my homeland to live in a foreign country. For a year, I said, to work as an au-pair. Then I met my husband… on my very first day in Germany,… Read More

The Ultimate Expat Family To-Do List

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful times of life. Moving overseas is even more stressful. Moving overseas with a family … let’s just say there will be tears, recriminations, doubts, regrets and the… Read More

What You Need to Know Before Moving Overseas

‘Steve and Mary from Nuneaton are following their dream, of buying and renovating a period property in rural France. The cottage we are showing them needs a bit of work, but we think that with a bit of… Read More

Everything Will Be All Right In The End…

… and if it is not all right, then it is not the end. This was one of the central themes in the film that I saw tonight – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – a story of… Read More

The Secrets of Munich – Off The Tourist Trail

It was a spontaneous decision. We were in Munich flat-hunting and were ready to head back to Geneva. “Shall we have lunch before we drive home?”, my husband asked. “Sure, why not. How about we have a look… Read More

The Long Goodbye

It has been several months now since we learned that we are leaving Geneva. Months in which we have slowly started saying goodbye to Switzerland. Is it perhaps a defence mechanism that we have started finding fault with… Read More

Welcome to 2012

That will take some getting used to – 2012. Although if I am honest I find that it takes longer and longer to get used to the new year, perhaps because I don’t work at the moment so… Read More

Au Revoir Suisse

This was our last year in Switzerland. We have known for some time that we would be moving next year, and I must admit that I have put off blogging about it. Maybe in the hope that by… Read More

The Expat Adjustment Curve – And Why You Shouldn’t Go Home Just Yet

Whether your plan is to relocate for a short time or long term, being prepared for physical and emotional upheaval makes the difference between a happy expat experience and a miserable one. The Expat Adjustment Curve helps you… Read More

Buying from US iTunes Store

  *UPDATE* After the stories of children running up huge bills with in-app purchases, I thought I should mention that these instructions work equally well if you are looking to limit the purchases of a child on App… Read More

The Joys of Expat Life

Ok, forgive me my self-indulgent and whiny post yesterday. The sun is shining in Geneva once more, my friend is on her way to a new adventure, who knows what the next year will bring both her and… Read More

Saying goodbye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen…

No matter in which language you do this, it is a bitch. And if you are living the expat life, then it is something that you have to do occasionally. I have had acquaintances come and go but today… Read More

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th July! Today I am doing something that I have never done before. I am hosting a 4th July party. Actually, it is the first time that I have ever attended an Independence Day party so I… Read More

Cultural Faux Pas – Buffet Canadien and Himbeergeist

    … or as a good friend of ours once said, “I made a right pas faux”. Sometimes life as an expat is not so rosy. Sometimes we make mistakes and look really quite silly. Moving to… Read More

Parlez vous Français?

Un peu… …is generally my answer to that question. I should speak more than just a little, and if I am honest I do. But it frustrates me that over two years after arriving in Geneva, I am… Read More

Happy Mothers Day – An Expat’s View

It is, I think, the 20th Mothers Day that I have spent apart from my mother. Although she may well post a comment saying, “What about that time XX years ago when you happened to be in Scotland?”,… Read More

You just can’t get orange cheese…

An American friend was chatting to one of his countrymen, who said that they liked living in Geneva, but ‘You just can’t get orange cheese!’ Cheese capital of the world Switzerland does not sell orange cheese in a… Read More

Aufwiedersehen Deutschland, Bonjour Suisse!

The Swiss adventures of our family began in September 2008 when we moved to a small village near Geneva. On 22nd September the removal lorry arrived and started to pack our worldly goods. As husband was away in… Read More