Smoking In Switzerland

Can you guess from which age a child can legally purchase cigarettes in Geneva? 15 years? 18 years? Perhaps even older? I bet not many of you would have guessed that a child can buy tobacco here as soon as it is able to walk and talk. There is absolutely no restrictions. You could, if you wanted to, send your toddler into a shop to buy your cigarettes. This really […]


Banana Cupcakes with Caramel Fleur de Sel

When I renamed the blog, I decided that I would make Salted Caramels and perhaps use the photos for the blog logo. Easier said than done, I discovered. When I searched for a recipe, I found that almost all of them called for what the Americans call “heavy cream”. This is a cream with a fat content of 36 to 38%, in between single cream and double cream. The closest […]


The Joys of Expat Life

Ok, forgive me my self-indulgent and whiny post yesterday. The sun is shining in Geneva once more, my friend is on her way to a new adventure, who knows what the next year will bring both her and my families. There is change coming, and it cannot be stopped. Today, I am going to concentrate on the good sides, the sweet side of life. What I enjoy about living in […]


Saying goodbye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen...

No matter in which language you do this, it is a bitch. And if you are living the expat life, then it is something that you have to do occasionally. I have had acquaintances come and go but today was the first time I have said farewell to a true friend. And it hurts. So I did what I do when I hurt. I baked. I cried. I drank wine. And […]


I am asking you very gently...

to read the rest of this post about life in Switzerland. Today my husband was preparing for the big 4th July Party that we are hosting on Monday. Part of this involved a bit of garden work – we have a large linden tree in the garden, it’s yellow flowers are pretty for about 30 seconds before it sheds the flowers onto the grass. Raking the flowers and leaves takes […]


Measles Outbreak in France and Switzerland

Our school recently sent a letter to all parents asking them to check that their childrens’ vaccinations are up to date. This follows a measles outbreak in neighbouring France that has crossed over the border into Switzerland. Without getting into the MMR debate, and if it is safe to have children vaccinated, it is clear that this is a serious problem. During the last measles outbreak in 2008, a little […]


Schools in Geneva

One of the most important issues when expats move to a new country is schooling. You can out up with a less than stunning kitchen (and you often have to here) or a slightly boring social life but if your children are unhappy in school then the assignment will be a short one. Or of course if you are unhappy with the school. When we moved to Geneva we faced […]


Baking in Switzerland - Where to buy Baking Powder, Soda etc

Availability of Baking Ingredients in SwitzerlandIf you found this blog because you googled, “where to buy baking powder in Geneva” or “where to buy self-raising flour in Switzerland” – read on. Baking Powder – I buy in Manor in little tubs. Don’t be fooled by the sachets by Dr Oetker – they are German style Backpulver which is, I have been informed a one rise agent. You need a two rise […]


My Atomic Bunker

Not long ago I wrote a light-hearted post about our Nuclear Bunker. Who would have thought that not even 4 months later, I would be envied for my bunker. And not in a joking “ha, isn’t that a cool thing” kind of way. All over Europe concerned citizens are watching the developments in Japan and asking themselves if a similar incident could happen here. The risk of an earthquake on that […]


Multiculturalism In Switzerland

David Cameron has stated, just as Angela Merkel did before him, that multiculturalism has failed in Europe. He called for minorities in UK to better integrate, to learn English, to become more British. He states that organizations who do not support and follow our rules of equality, democracy and integration shall no longer be able to access public funding. Incredibly, he made this speech on the day that the far-right […]