The Twins – A Short Story by My Daughter

i am going to tell you a story about 2 twin girls…
it start’s now.

along the old days when tv, telephone and electricity did not exist, there lived 2 twin girls 1 wose called Katy and the ather 1 wose called Anabelle i now that there names don’t rime bit they wore stil twins !

there wose just 1 problem katy wose a tom boy and Anabelle wose a girly girl !
katy wose more a girl that like’t this cind of sofe and anabelle this kind of stof
evrebody sed that they wore not twins !!!

bit they are just becose they aren’t exactelly the same it dose not meen that they are not twins!
there mum got angry when she herd that bit she still nows that they are.

bit the same day there when she (the mum) whent to pick them up from scool they wore not there !!!!
there mum got so woride and she ran 2 the the police mens and lady’s to go and look for them
bit before the police ask’t the mum wot they look’t like (the 2 twins)

– wot do they look like? sed the police with a note book and a pencile in is hands.

– they are both 1 meter 40 and wone is called katy and the other wone is called anabelle.replide the mum of the 2 twins.

– ok we will do our best !!!

in 3 days the police men and lady’s came running back with Katy and Anabelle…
bit the 2 girls wore fast asleep !!!

there mum wose so happy 2 see them and she pay’d the police men and lady’s 1000.$

the mum wose sooooooo happy to find out that they wore alrite !!!

– thank you thank you so mush i wose so woried !!!!. sed the mum of the 2 twins.

when the mum got home with katy and Anabelle she brot them strate to bed and kiss’t them good night.
the next morning when the mum of the 2 twins whent 2 see if they wore still asleep, Katy and anabelle both smield and fell acleep agen…

the end…

By my daughter, aged 9 years


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