There IS no place like home…

… it is not just a cliche.

We spent a week with my in-laws in Germany (more blog posts to follow with tips and recommendations for holidaying in Bavaria) but are so glad to be back home in Switzerland.

Not only because the weather is better here, but being able to relax in the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet is wonderful. The in-laws have a city apartment with a balcony, but city life is busier than village life. And I never thought that I would ever say this, but I prefer it.

I am a city gal, born and bred in the outskirts of Dundee, lived for almost a decade in the city centre of Wuerzburg but have come to appreciate the life in the country. The quiet leafy garden, being able to hear the birds sing, red kites twirling and diving in the blue sky above me.

When we lived in Germany, I would have to plan ahead if we were due to return from a trip at the weekend. The shops stay closed on Sundays, as they do here in Switzerland. Luckily, we are just a short drive from France so this morning I left the children playing and my husband sleeping to nip to the local market.

Our MGB, awakened from it’s winter hibernation, purred and roared its way along the windy French country roads, the sun shining on my head, the wind tousling my hair. I sang along with Adele as she implored her ex to remember.

Pulling my shopping trolley (called HackenPorsche -HeelPorsche in Germany, by the way), through the market, I inhaled the scent of lavender soap, roasting chicken and ham, marinated olives and garlic, not to mention the smelly cheese of Haute Savoie. Before long the trolley was heavy and full with delicious produce from the area. Tonight we will feast on aforementioned chicken with fresh salad, followed by rhubarb crumble. I have a bottle of champagne cooling in the fridge ready to have a couple of succulent raspberries dropped into it.

On leaving the market, I stopped to buy a sprig of Muguet – Lily of the Valley – which is traditionally sold on May 1st in France and given to loved ones as this blogger explains.

I returned home to find the family waiting for breakfast. Freshly baked bread, jambon cru, Fromage de Abondance, miel de lavande, creme de chocolat, cafe au lait, and good old PG Tipps.



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