Au Revoir Suisse

This was our last year in Switzerland.

We have known for some time that we would be moving next year, and I must admit that I have put off blogging about it. Maybe in the hope that by not writing about it, it wouldn’t happen.

Now that the moving date is set, I can no longer avoid the truth.

The removal men will arrive the last week of February and pack up our belongings, which will initially go into storage until we find a house in our final destination. My husband is being moved to the Munich office, but the children and I are going to Scotland for a few months, until we have a house and school sorted. So we shall not only move house, but I will move back home to my parents, and begin a weekend expat marriage – two things that I have always said I would never do.

Given the circumstances, this is the best option for us at present so we shall make the most out of it.

I admit that I am looking forward to living in Scotland again, and the children are delighted that we shall stay with their beloved grandparents, and see their cousins weekly (if not daily!).

We have already started sorting and packing, throwing out and cleaning. The Swiss landlords have a fearsome reputation; we have heard stories of white cotton glove wearing landlords checking door frames and skirting boards for dust. In preparation for this, I have purchased a steam cleaner and am steaming and cleaning the floors.

Anyone who has moved house a couple of times knows how ruthless you have to be when it comes to de-cluttering. When I realised that some of the boxes in our cellar hadn’t even been unpacked in the last two moves, I knew it was time to have a good clear out. One of the most difficult things has been the children’s artwork. We still have a couple of huge boxes, and I desperately need to cut it down. The current plan is to buy a couple of large scrapbooks and do some kind of collage. If I can find large scrapbooks.



Our final weeks are going to be busy, as we try to squeeze in one last visit to favourite place, and perhaps even see areas of Switzerland we haven’t visited yet. On the list is Cern, Chateaux d’Oex (for the hot air balloon festival at the end of January), Gstaad, a boat trip on the lake (no, really. We have not done this yet), Neuchâtel.. and some other places.

As ever, I am finding myself looking back on the things that we missed. Montreux Jazz Festival, the cows coming down from the Alps – festivals that we always said, “We will have time next year”, and now never will see.

During the coming  weeks, accompany me as I say a long adieu to Switzerland, and I highlight the best of this stunning country which has played host to our family for the past three years.

And if you have any great tips for cleaning floors and walls, do let me know…


  • Vegemitevix

    That’s hard. I know that all change, even positive change, is hard but you will get through it. Sending positive vibes ..oh and shaving foam can remove strange stains and smells from carpets and rugs. Vix xx

  • Yabunonaka1

    My top tip for end-of-posting cleaning? Get the professionals in. But then housekeeping was never my strong point.

    And I have found I see more of the touristy things, festivals etc on return trips to places I have lived than I ever did while resident. Munich is not exactly far from the Alps.

  • Rose Holman

    A new chapter in your family’s life! Sad but exciting too I hope.

    With regards to your children’s artwork, I solved the problem of how to store it by scanning all my son’s artwork into my computer and saving each piece as a jpeg. It is reassuring for me to know it is all safe somewhere, and I have been able to make a number of great collages out of them and have them printed professionally. Obviously I still like to keep the originals of his best work, but it stopped me feeling guilty for having sort outs and throwing the majority of it away. Could you do the same?

    • Lynn

      No, never lived there before. Husband did live in Starnberg many years ago though so knows the area a bit. And we have friends an family in Niederbayern.

  • Cherryaa

    Oh, you sound so sad. I’m glad that you have bonded so well with your temporary homeland and had such happy times there. The transitional period will be difficult – but, with Scotland and family around you, will bring you joy as well.

    I second getting a Swiss cleaner! You need a special eye, which no machine can match. We once had a dinner guest run his finger over the top of the door [shock] Nobody else thought it rude [double shock] so we bowed to local standards and hired Pierrette, a compact whirlwind of efficiency 🙂

    I could really do with her now!!

    Good luck with everything, and do enjoy your scrapbooks.

    • Lynn

      I would love to get a professional cleaning company in but they charge oover CHF 2000 for a house of this size and the friends I know who used companies were not happy with them.

      Am shocked at your guest – although my father in law has been known to comment on the standard of wallpapering when he visits friends.

  • Michelle

    Good luck with your move. We’ve done way too many of them for me to like moving in any way, but thankfully are finally settled down here (I hastily shush husband when he talks about moving again!)

    You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can clean a house once everything (and everyone) is out of it 🙂 And as for the expat marriage… well we did it for just over a month and half (I stayed in India with my parents, and husband moved ahead to find an apartment and such) and you’ll be shocked at how quickly it goes by. Enjoy time with your family and write, write, write… you won’t have as much time again.


  • Sweetestthing

    Mme Lindor, sad news but you sound excited about going back to Scotland (which, as we all know, is God’s own country!). Good luck with everything and keep blogging!!

  • Thora

    First of all a very happy (and exciting) New Year to you and your family. Big changes indeed and I believe it’s sad to leave the home and country you liked so much. Good luck with everything, dear Mme. Lindor.

    As to cleaning: I recommend a person named Harrymän. He won’t charge a lot (if at all) and he is VERY efficient 🙂

    Big hug!

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