Geneva,  Switzerland

Fète de Genève

We went to the Fête de Genève today, a massive carnival that runs right around the lakeside. Geneva is busy busy busy, lots of tourists come especially for the Fête, and this years Guest of Honour is the Sulanate of Oman. We have heard that they are talking about moving next years Fête from the traditional start on 1st August as it will clash with Ramadam.

My son enjoyed the rollercoaster; his sister slightly less so. After the second circuit, she had enough and spent the last couple of circuits yelling that she wanted to get off.
After a couple of hours we were exhausted and skint so headed for home. We had seen less that half of the carnival but it was enough.
From our side of the lake we could see this incredible carousel, I am not sure how high it is, but it ranged far above the houses underneath.

We were amused by the offer of “Barbe à papa” – aka Papa’s Beard aka Candy Floss

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