Fête de la chasse – Hunting Festival in Machilly, France

Quite by accident, we stumbled across this festival. Or rather, my husband cycled past in the morning as they were preparing for the Fête and we decided to go after breakfast, thinking it was a car boot sale.

When we arrived we realised that it was a festival for hunters.
Hunting horns, hand made in France
The wine bar was busy, as is normal in France.
We decided to have lunch there, and were pleasantly surprised by the food on offer. No greasy fry-ups here. The 3-course meal was:
Bread and Cheese
Roast of Pork with Potato Gratin
Chocolate Eclair
Afterwards we had a look at the puppies that local breeders were showing. The Springer pups were gorgeous, and prone to escaping their cage.
Lucky that we already have Daphne, the kids were absolutely besotted by the little puppies and would have loved to have taken one home.

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