Oi! P&G. THIS is how to advertise to women

Ok, before I start, I have to say that I know this is advertising. I am aware that Nike are trying to sell me their brand and they are cynically tugging at my heartstrings to do so.


at least the message is better than the P&G Sponsors of Moms advertising that I ranted about earlier this year.

Advertisers should take note that women are not all mums and those of us who are mums don’t all define ourselves by our “status” as a mother.

I am a mother by an accident of reproductive luck. It is not something that requires particular skill. I just got lucky. It does not define me, as a person or as a blogger.

Nike have come up with an inspiring advertising campaign that tells girls that they can MAKE THE RULES



Featured Image – Broken Glass Nike Swoosh


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