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Parentbloggers and Privacy – What Happens When Kids Grow Up?



This is something that I have been musing on for a few days. There are a lot of “Parentbloggers” out there at the moment and I won’t knock them – some of them I really enjoy reading. But what happens when the cute little toddler becomes a pre-pubescent bundle of hormones, then a teenager. Will the Mummyblogger still blog about her children, and can you really do this for over a decade without the friends of the children finding out and taking the piss?

I guess that many will find that the store of “amusing things that the children have done today” tales dries up. Not that children over 7 or 8 years are not amusing, mine often crack me up, but I am becoming more aware of what I post about them.

My daughter knows that I have a blog – she has even published her first story on the blog (did you notice that bit of stealth boasting?). She does not read my blog yet, but I know that at some point she might and if I have written about her it may embarrass her.



We are coming out of the “My Mummy is great” and into <eyeroll> “OFGS, Mum, stop embarrassing me” territory. I noticed recently when my mum told me a funny story about something that my children did, that my daughter cringed a little. Being centre of the attraction is fine, but there is a fine line between them feeling that we are laughing with them or laughing at them.

Some parents don’t seem to mind about embarrassing their children. I can recall friend’s parents who would belittle them in front of their friends, for a “joke”. And how about this guy who wears a different dress up costume every day to see his teenager off to school. WTF is he thinking? Kudos to his son for eventually accepting his dad’s antics. But I don’t agree with the anchor’s comment, “You are a good dad”.


parentbloggers and privacy



What do you think? If you blog about your kids, do you have a line that you won’t cross?