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The Signs of Controlling Behaviour – Red Flags and How to Spot Them

If we were able to teach young people to recognise the signs of controlling behaviour, the ‘red flags’, would we be able to protect them from abusive relationships? If we were to teach children in schools how to… Read More

A Survivor’s Story – We Believe You

  This interview with a domestic abuse and rape survivor shows the importance of the Mumsnet We Believe You campaign. Read the posts of other bloggers and rape survivors on our blog hop, follow the discussion on Talk and… Read More

Happy International Women’s Day

Traditionally in Germany, the women take over the country on Weiberfastnacht – the last Thursday before Lent. As part of the Karneval celebrations, this day is the official start of the carousing. Our first year in Düsseldorf, I… Read More

Social Media Fatigue

            Do you have an account with any of the following services:   Twitter, Facebook, Mumsnet, Britmums, Linkedin, Klout, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Vine, AskFM, Kik… If you have answered “Yes” more than four times then you are in danger of Social… Read More

My Silent Miscarriages – A Guest Post

Sarah, my guest blogger today, talks about the care she received during her missed miscarriages. A missed miscarriage is one where the baby stops growing but the body does not recognise this. Most missed miscarriages are discovered when… Read More

Mumsnet Campaign for Better Miscarriage Care

‘How is the new Mummy this morning then?’. The words could not have hurt more. I turned my head away from the breakfast bearing hospital auxiliary. She had obviously not been informed that I was on the labour… Read More

Mumsnet Campaign – Kick Off Thread – Lets Get Blogging

The campaign kicks off on Monday, 10th October and will carry on throughout the week. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the reality of miscarriage, often a taboo topic, brushed under the carpet of life. It… Read More

Do You Have a Parenting Philosophy – Your Children are not Your Children

Attachment Parenting, Benign Neglect,  Authoritarian, Helicopter Parent, Tiger Mum – which one describes your parenting method best? Can you put a name to your Parenting Philosophy, explain it in two or three words?   In those first hazy… Read More

Waxing Children – Bannatyne vs Mumsnet

When is an acceptable age to allow your daughter to wax? And would you take her to a salon to have this done? Tricky question, and one I have been pondering this morning since reading on Twitter that… Read More

Coping with an Interfering Granny

It is a topic touched on with some regularity on Mumsnet, and I am sure on other parenting websites. Mothers, and in particular Mother-In-Laws. MILs.  Not a day goes by without a MIL bashing thread, some of them… Read More

Using Social Media to Increase Readership on Your Blog

Following on from yesterday’s post about starting blogging, this post is about increasing your readership, particularly with the usage of Social Media.         When I started blogging, there were not really many outlets to get… Read More

MummyBlogger, Mumpreneurs, CyberMummy

I was reading the article in the Independent about Cybermummy and it brought back to me how much I dislike the clumping together women bloggers who happen to have children in a “Mummy” package. I blogged about my… Read More

Remembering Anabelle

Last year I got to “know” a blogger called Caz, a Mumsnetter whom I joined in protesting against the Eastenders cotdeath storyline. You may have forgotten the furore that followed the broadcasting of the episode where a mother… Read More

Nigel Farage’s speedy exit from Mumsnet

Nigel Farage’s much anticipated webchat on Mumsnet has just ended. It is fair to say that the UKIP leader has managed what no other politician has achieved – to completely alienate the posters of Mumsnet. I would imagine that… Read More

Mumsnet. A online website for parents – full of bullies?

Sometimes a well intentioned act can go terribly wrong.  This morning I read an article in the Times Online about the 40 best bloggers. One of the blogs was amusing and I linked to it on Mumsnet, asking… Read More

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