The Joys of Expat Life

Ok, forgive me my self-indulgent and whiny post yesterday.

The sun is shining in Geneva once more, my friend is on her way to a new adventure, who knows what the next year will bring both her and my families. There is change coming, and it cannot be stopped.

Today, I am going to concentrate on the good sides, the sweet side of life. What I enjoy about living in Switzerland. In Geneva.

Chocolate – this is a given. Switzerland has a lot of chocolatiers. Here in Geneva we can chose from Martel, Rohr, Auer and many others. We went to the chocolate festival in Versoix this spring to see how chocolate is made. And to try some.



The school. As I have posted before, the schools here are very good. I love that we walk down the hill to school, along by the lake. I love that the children are happy there. That the school provides each child with Caran d’Ache pens and pencils. That school dinners are more likely to feature Coq au Vin than Turkey Twizzlers. That my children eat vegetables at home because they are used to eating healthy food at school.



That we can take our dog, Daphne, pretty much everywhere. The only place you cannot take a dog is the supermarket. She goes shopping with us, into restaurants, bars and cafés. They are extremely dog friendly here, we rarely have a problem finding a hotel or bed and breakfast. We find it difficult when we are in UK as she has to stay in the car, or we have to sit outside in a café.



Our bunker. As a talking point, it is quite something. Good for storing wine, groceries and a variety of junk. I am not going to take a photo of the bunker as it is now, because I can barely get into it. *blush* Time for another tidy out session.



Filets de P̻rces Рthe delicious little fish from Lake Geneva. That I can buy on my way home from the school run.






Driving in the Alps in an open top car, the wind streaming through my hair, the sun warming my face.





All this and more. Life is good. And I am not going to waste a moment of it by moaning or complaining.


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