The tale of Boris the cat

I am looking after the neighbours cats while they are away and when I went to bring them in there was no sign of Boris the tabby.

I called and called and even got the emergency tuna bribe out of the cellar. Still no Boris.

After we had our meal I had another look. I was beginning to get worried as it had started to rain, with thunder and lightning.

Another hour passed and I was out again, scouring the neighbourhood for bloody Boris.

Dad shouted from our house that they had found the cat. He had been hiding under Mum and Dads’ bed and when Mum went down to do some packing, he had come racing out, scaring the beejeezus out of Mum.


I then had to search our house before finally finding him in Catriona’s wardrobe. The tuna was finally put to good use to entice him out. I juggled the cat (and he is twice the size of Daphne) the tuna and the house key while trying to put the alarm off.

He can bloody well stay inside tomorrow

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