Riding into a new phase of life

Recently I sold my Mummy Bike. It was bought when my son was just over a year, complete with bike seat and basket. At that time we were living in a small town not far from the Dutch border so the sturdy frame, big wheels and huge handlebar were more important that the weight of the bike. Particularly as we had no hills to climb, I could cruise along nicely.
Since moving to Geneva I had only used the bike a couple of times and it was so damn heavy. We had a trip last year to Lac d’Annecy which was fun and not too hard going (except getting the bike onto the back of the car) but aside from that it has languished in the garage.
My husband recently suggested selling it and buying a lighter, more manoeuvrable bike so I took some photos and put it on the local classified website. For a while it seemed that the bike would stay with me as there were a few queries but no one came to see the bike. Then last weekend a woman with a young toddler came along, tried the bike out and bought it, the baskets and the bike seat.
We went over to our favourite bike shop, Veloland in Annemasse to have a look at what was on offer and spoke to a really lovely saleswoman. She listened to my request – a bike for roads or bike paths as we are not going off road with the kids, one that is comfortable but slightly lighter than the old one.
She suggested a hybrid bike, a bike that is almost as light as a road bike, but slightly more comfortable, with straight handlebars and an upright riding position. She took a bike out to the car park so I could have a whirl and I was flabbergasted. It was so light, so easy to ride, so wonderful.  I added a clip to the front so that we can take the doggy basket and a luggage rack to the back for packing a picnic.
It is now sitting in the garage, in place of the old Mummybike. I would go out and have a ride today, but of course it is raining today. So I am blogging about my new bike instead. I checked the comparitive weights – the new bike is almost half the weight of the old one. No wonder it feels so light.
And when I was considering the differences, I realised that the new bike marked an end of an era. I am no longer a mummy with a baby on the back of the bike, we are a family with our children cycling ahead of us (If you are wondering, I am the crazy woman shouting at her daughter to go faster and her son to go slower). I am able to go for bike rides without the kids. Perhaps my husband and I will go alone occasionally and cycle to Yvoire or Evian.
Now if it would just stop bloody raining so I could go out on it.