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Do you have an account with any of the following services:


Twitter, Facebook, MumsnetBritmumsLinkedin, KloutGoogle+, PinterestFoursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Vine, AskFM, Kik…

If you have answered “Yes” more than four times then you are in danger of Social Media Fatigue.


I have accounts with 10 of these services, although I really only use Twitter, Facebook, Mumsnet, Pinterest and WordPress. I use Blogger to comment on Blogger blogs, and very rarely use YouTube except to watch videos. I realise that Mumsnet is not a typical “Social Media” website, but I included it as it is one of the ones that send most people to my blog, via the Bloggers’ Network.

Today I was reading an interesting blog post by Nickie on Typecast about her Great Klout Experiment. When Klout changed the algorithm with which they measure their users’ influence, there was a great outcry of anguish. Overnight, the Klout score of most users plummeted by around 10 points.

Now, if you don’t use Social Media much, you may be thinking, “Why on earth would someone get so worked up about an imaginary score that works out how influential you are in an artificial online world?”.

Good question, but when you start with all these things you get sucked in. Suddenly you are tracking your Klout score and comparing it to your PeerIndex (which I had forgotten – signed up for that one too), wondering why you are more influential on Klout than PI. Then you are tweeting and RTing, with an eye on your Klout score to see what makes a difference. You give K+ to people in order to boost your and their score.

It is all rather hard work.

And sometimes it seems like it is not worth the bother.

Do I care if I am seen to be influential? Is it important to me?

To be honest, I signed up to most of these websites in order to promote my blog. I have come to a point where that my blog is reasonably well read. I have around 6000 pageviews a month. It is not a huge readership, there are other blogs with many many more hits.

More important to me is the communications with my readers, and with other bloggers. I love using Twitter and Mumsnet to communicate with other bloggers, and to hear what others think of my blog. I get a little thrill when someone leaves a comment on the blog. That is what makes blogging fun for me, not a score on a website.

Over the past couple of days, I have seen a few tweets about Triberr. I had not heard of it before, but it seems it is a new service in which bloggers join a “tribe” to promote each other’s blogs. The tweets are scheduled automatically from Triberr, and although you can choose which content to tweet, you do run the risk of filling your followers’ timelines with links to blogs.

I think this is the point where we have to say, ENOUGH. This has nothing to do with blogging for the love of it, and everything to do with getting hits at any price. When I follow someone and they tweet a link to a blog post, then I want it to be because they enjoyed it and thought that their followers would too. Not because they are getting their blog publicised in exchange.

Google+ was a big disappointment. I was hoping that it could have been the place where I merged all of these groups so that the lines blurred. Since I can only do that within very limited parameters, it is not really working for me. Sorry, Google+. Its not you. Its me.*

When I realised that I spent more time promoting my blog, than I did researching and writing posts, I knew something had to change.

I am downsizing my Social Media presence. I will concentrate on Mumsnet, Twitter and Facebook, where I have built up a group of “friends”. People I actually WANT to listen to and hear about their lives, not people I follow because they will make me more influential.

What do you think?



Featured image used with kind permission of Kexino, see also their Flickr  page.