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Chicken Pie with Potato and Celeriac Topping

This is an adaptation to my Chicken Pot Pie recipe. It tasted so good, I thought I would share it with you.   Parboil potatoes – 3 or 4 middle-sized ones will do – and boil them in salted… Read More

Easy One-Pot Chicken and Ham Pie

This is my standard meal when we have visitors, One-Pot Chicken and Ham Pie. It looks impressive but is actually very easy. 15 mins prep, which you can do in the afternoon. When your visitors arrive, put the… Read More

Roasted Pork and Late Summer Veg Casserole with Thomas Crosby Muffins

This is a recipe that I made up today to use up some of the veg that we have left over this week. Regular readers know that we have signed up for a veg box, which I pick… Read More

Banana Cupcakes with Caramel Fleur de Sel

When I renamed the blog, I decided that I would make Salted Caramels and perhaps use the photos for the blog logo. Easier said than done, I discovered. When I searched for a recipe, I found that almost… Read More

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Cookies and Easy Chicken & Ham Pie

It has rained today. Warm rain, it has to be said, so still preferable to Scottish rain, but rain all the same. Our dog sniffs at the door, toddles along the side of the house, does what she… Read More

Store Cupboard Quick Meals

Sometimes I just cannot be bothered cooking. I have no inspiration, no initiative, null bock (as my German husband would say). When this happens, I open the cupboards and the fridge and have a Ready-Steady-Cook moment. I have… Read More

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th July! Today I am doing something that I have never done before. I am hosting a 4th July party. Actually, it is the first time that I have ever attended an Independence Day party so I… Read More

The BEST Carré d’Agneau recipe ever

Or if you are being less poncy, “Rack of Lamb”. I prefer to say Lamb Carré as it sounds more exotic, less pedestrian. And this is definitely not a pedestrian recipe. About a year ago, I was searching… Read More

Cooking For Vegetarians

I am going to admit that I am not a great fan of vegetables. Or rather, I like veg but I love meat and a meal for me pretty much always includes some kind of meat. Less meat… Read More

Salmon en Croûte

This was adapted from a Jamie Oliver’s recipe, in the Ministry Of Food book. I blogged recently about the E Coli outbreak in Germany, and my decision to start buying local food. Next week I shall receive my… Read More

Review of Book and Recipe Jenny Colgan – Meet Me At The Cupcake Café

Right. Before you start reading, get eggs and butter out of the fridge and switch your oven on. By the time you finish reading this review you will be ready to bake. The Jenny Colgan book “Meet Me… Read More

Filets de Pêrches

If you go into a restaurant in Geneva area then there is a good chance that one of the dishes on the menu will be Filets de Pêrches – fillet of perch. After living here for sometime, a… Read More

Quick Homemade Pizza

Living in a small village has advantages and disadvantages and one of the down sides is the lack of take-out. We do have a pizzeria in the next village, but by the time we drive over there, wait… Read More

Healthy Banana Muffins – No Eggs

I did not intend to make “healthy” cakes today but I had run out of eggs and fancied making banana muffins. When I looked for a recipe, I came across this one on Mumsnet. The recipe looked good,… Read More

Lindt Chocolate Cake

Here is one I prepared earlier. This was baked to take to friends’ going away party. When we arrived at the friends’s house we were surprised to see that there were no cars outside. We walked towards the… Read More

Easy Homemade Bread

It is not as time consuming as you may think. The recipe I use is simple, quick and easy to prepare. I use American cups – I bought a set of cups as I use a lot of… Read More

Quick and Easy Salmon Coulibiac – inspired by Hairy Bikers

This is one of my OMG,-forgot-to-defrost-something-for-dinner-what-can-we-have-meals. It was inspired by the Hairy Biker’s recipe but is made from store cupboard and freezer ingredients. From start to finish, including baking time this recipe takes about 45 minutes and is… Read More

How to make friends and bake fabulous Fairy Cakes

The good thing about blogging (and twitter, not to mention Mumsnet) is that you can ask any question and you generally receive an answer. Whether you are looking for relationship advice, ideas for a birthday party, wondering where… Read More

Baking Rugelach

  Today I tried my hand at Rugelach, a festive Jewish treat. They look a bit like croissants but are made with cream cheese and sour cream. The rounds of dough are cooled for minimum 2 hours After… Read More

How to make (and eat) Hot Cross Buns

Last week I saw that Dan Lepard (no Def Lepard jokes please, he has heard them all) was due to go on Mumsnet.com to do another webchat with bake-a-long after the success of the previous one. Great, thought… Read More

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