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The lovely Millie Slavidou and I were chatting today about collaborative writing. She suggested we write a story together, but I fear I am too much of a control freak to enjoy that. What if

Secrets of Scotland – The Kingdom of Fife

Elie harbour and sands, Scotland

It’s been a while since I wrote a Secrets of Scotland, so I thought I’d catch you all up on some of the glorious areas of the country I am lucky enough to call home.

Talking to The Kids About Sex – Without Euphemisms or Embarrassment

Talking to Kids About Sex

According to Planned Parenthood, teens who had good, honest conversations with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners and use condoms or other contraceptives when they do have

NSPCC Be Share Aware Campaign

NSPCC Share Aware Campaign

I was pleased to read that the NSPCC were launching a new campaign to better inform parents of the dangers of Social Media, but was slightly disappointed with the results. The videos ‘I Can See

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Instagram

instagram for kids

This is the fourth in the series about Social Media for Kids, today dealing with what parents need to know about Instagram. Catch up on the earlier posts on Online Safety for Kids, Facebook, YouTube and

Parenting Without Punishments

Parenting without Punishments

  When a friend recently talked about ‘Gentle Parenting‘, or parenting without punishments or rewards, I will admit to first having to look up the term, and second thinking that can’t possibly work.  After reading the list on

A Feminist Self-Publishing Collective

Jump! Mag Books for Kids

Times are tough for writers. With too many people willing to work for nothing, freelance writers are finding it difficult to survive. I know many talented writers who work hard, both in creating and promoting,

Why You Should Be Using Buffer to Schedule Social Media Posts

i don't have time for social media

  If you run a Social Media account for a blog, a business or a campaign, then this post will help you drastically reduce the time spent spent on this task. One of the reasons

How to Write a Trip Advisor Review

how to write a trip adviser review

I love a good Trip Advisor review. Generally I use them as an aid to finding hotels to avoid.  Any mention of “hilarious holiday reps”, “fab poolside and evening entertainment” or “delicious all you can

Guest Post – My Make Up Day

make up

A good friend of mine wore make-up last week. You may be wondering why that is worthy of a blog post, but you see Millie doesn’t wear make up. Not that she rarely uses cosmetics.