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Times are tough for writers. With too many people willing to work for nothing, freelance writers are finding it difficult to survive. I know many talented writers who work hard, both in creating and promoting,

Why You Should Be Using Buffer to Schedule Social Media Posts

i don't have time for social media

  If you run a Social Media account for a blog, a business or a campaign, then this post will help you drastically reduce the time spent spent on this task. One of the reasons

How to Write a Trip Advisor Review

how to write a trip adviser review

I love a good Trip Advisor review. Generally I use them as an aid to finding hotels to avoid.  Any mention of “hilarious holiday reps”, “fab poolside and evening entertainment” or “delicious all you can

Guest Post – My Make Up Day

make up

A good friend of mine wore make-up last week. You may be wondering why that is worthy of a blog post, but you see Millie doesn’t wear make up. Not that she rarely uses cosmetics.

Kids at a Wedding – 5 Tips to Keep Them Happy (and Quiet!)

kids at wedding

    Whether you are a guest, or the host, having kids at a wedding can be stressful. Finding the balance between keeping the kids happy, and turning the wedding into a Kinderfest can be tricky.

Review of The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

amanda on hills

I interviewed ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess’, Amanda Owen for Jump! Mag this week. When we started talking about raising children, Amanda had some great thoughts on allowing kids to explore and develop, that I wanted to

Kids are Scared of Fireworks? Prepare for Bonfire Night

kids scared of fireworks

For many, Bonfire night is eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. Some younger or more noise sensitive children find it overwhelming, loud and downright scary. In the run up to the 5th November, start to prepare

Why Facebook & Apple Egg Freezing Won’t Get Women into Tech

apple egg freezing

  When I linked to an article on Jump! Mag about why Americans wash and refrigerate eggs, a follower on Twitter asked if I was referring to the story about Apple’s egg freezing offer. It

The Question of Independence

River Tay, Scotland

    I didn’t intend to write about this topic, but over the past few weeks I have become increasingly annoyed and disappointed at the direction the debate has taken. It seems to have descended

How to Post Photos from Instagram to Twitter

how to post instagram photos to twitter

    If you share your Instagram photos directly to Twitter, you could be missing out on greater interaction with your Twitter followers. Take a couple of minutes to set automatic sharing via IFTTT and