How to Participate in a Twitter Chat


    This online version of  a party or mini-conference can be educational, informative and a lot of fun, but some people are unsure how to participate in a Twitter Chat. If you are new

New in Dundee – Quirky Coo Gift Shop

quirky coo dundee

  This past weekend, I was hurrying up Union Street in Dundee on my way into town when I caught a glimpse of snow flakes and glitter in a shop window. Hang on, I thought,

Feminism and Motherhood – On Choice, Criticism and Self-Confidence


The organisers of Mumsnet Blogfest set the question, ‘Can Feminists be Mummybloggers’ at a rather volatile panel discussion yesterday. I won’t say much about the events of yesterday, as I didn’t attend, but did want

Review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso Alternative

review big cup little cup nespresso

  I recently received an email suggesting I review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso alternative capsules. I don’t normally do reviews on the blog, but I was interested in this product so agreed to do

Restaurant Review of Forgans St Andrews

forgans st andrews

  The town of St Andrews is world famous for many reasons – Scotland’s first university was founded here in 1413 and town is of course home to the game of golf. The oldest golf

The Best Twitter Client – Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck


  If you’ve been using Twitter for a while, you may find that as you follow more people, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of them. Your timeline whizzes by, and you realise that

Crazy About One Direction – Teens and Social Media


Twitter was ablaze last night with disparaging comments about a group of young girls, known collectively as ‘Directioners’ – the fans of the group One Direction.  The reason for the discussion was a report about

Simple Steps when Running a Social Media Campaign

social media campaign

  Twitter is often seen as a quick fix to getting a lot of attention for a campaign or charity. It can be very useful, but there are a few pitfalls that should be avoided.

A Twitter Trolliday – And Reporting Abuse on Twitter


Will you join in the #trolliday, a Twitter boycott on 4th August to demand action to protect women users of the site from violent threats?   The call for a Trolliday came yesterday, after the journalist

Porn and Posturing Politicians


I am not the only feminist in UK who today has conflicting thoughts to the announcement by David Cameron about online pornography. While many of us are pleased that the government have finally noticed that