Can a Traditional Girls’ Magazine Go Feminist?

girltalk magazine

      The magazine GirlTalk recently announced that they were ‘going feminist’, and I will admit that my initial reaction was ‘bandwagon jumping, much?!’ Several people have asked me what I thought, and whether

Beautiful Boys and Brilliant Girls – Gender Neutral Books and Jump! Mag

gender neutral books

I am cross-posting this article about gender neutral books from, where it was published earlier this month.       This year on World Book Day LetToysBeToys used the above images to launch their campaign for gender

Make Your Mother’s Day with an Online Flower Delivery – Bloom and Wild Discount

bloom and wild6

  If you want to order flowers online for Mother’s Day on March 30th, then I have a great tip for you. I discovered Bloom and Wild Online flower service just before Christmas and have

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Twitter

parents need to know about twitter

    This is the third of a series about Social Media, taking a look at the advantages and the pitfalls for kids. It is important that we parents know why our kids want to

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About YouTube


    This is the second in a series on Social Media for Kids, and what parents need to know about the various online communication platforms. At present the most popular Social Media channel is

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Facebook

6351154830_5b08a027da_z (1)

  This is the first of a more in-depth look at various Social Media channels, first – what parents need to know about facebook.      Remember when you got that first car seat for your

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat


    This online version of  a party or mini-conference can be educational, informative and a lot of fun, but some people are unsure how to participate in a Twitter Chat. If you are new

New in Dundee – Quirky Coo Gift Shop

quirky coo dundee

  This past weekend, I was hurrying up Union Street in Dundee on my way into town when I caught a glimpse of snow flakes and glitter in a shop window. Hang on, I thought,

Feminism and Motherhood – On Choice, Criticism and Self-Confidence


The organisers of Mumsnet Blogfest set the question, ‘Can Feminists be Mummybloggers’ at a rather volatile panel discussion yesterday. I won’t say much about the events of yesterday, as I didn’t attend, but did want

Review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso Alternative

review big cup little cup nespresso

  I recently received an email suggesting I review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso alternative capsules. I don’t normally do reviews on the blog, but I was interested in this product so agreed to do